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Online Safety

Resources and Tips

online safety tips

1. Always be proactive in monitoring the activities of children online

  • Place the computer in a common area for easy visibility, monitor history, ask questions, set privacy settings, limit or remove chat opportunities, limit time spent on social media

2. Be aware of any emotional distress indications that may be seen in your child

  • Sad or loss of interest in normal activities, behavioral changes, loss of appetite, fear of school or individual, unusual requests to visit a public place without parental supervision

3. Be open. Talk to your children about the dangers online and how/who/when to report it

  • Explain what a bully might do online, explain why bullying is wrong, set rules and procedures for reporting when abuse happens online
  • Explain how a predator might try to 'befriend' the child
  • Explain options available to end the communication safely - Report the predator through the chat/social media source

4. Understand what steps you should take when your child is or may be a victim

  • Tell the abuser to STOP immediately, take screen shots of the chat or activities, print/save emails, block abusive users, report the abuse to the police

Online resources

Kids Health - Internet Safety

Stop Bullying - How to and What it is

Kids USA - Safety and Health Sources

Safe Kids - Online

Netsmartz - Internet and Child Safety

Web Watch - Monitoring Phone and Internet Usage

Educational Presentations Offered from a Licensed Investigator

This presentation can be tailored to all types of audiences. The presentation will likely cover many topics that range from the list below. Specific topics can be requested.

  1. What is a cyber bully
  2. How and why a cyber bully acts this way
  3. What is a cyber predator
  4. How and why a cyber predator acts this way
  5. Warning signs for parents, caregivers, and teachers of distress
  6. Methods to protect your family online
  7. Long term outcomes or effects of online abuse
  8. Child is being abused online, now what?
  9. Methods used by online predators
  10. Motive of online predators
  11. Case study/possible scenarios used against children online