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How it Works

Process Expectations

I.  Consultation/case review -  A consultation and review of the case request is a great first step in determining if our services can even meet your needs, and evaluate the case and client expectations. This is a free service, always.

II.  Contract agreement/retainer OR Flat Rate -  Agreement and/or retainer is a necessary step to protect the investigation for both the investigative agency and the client. Before making your decision and signing the agreement, it is encouraged that you seek legal advice if you have any questions or information that leaves you unsure. We want you comfortable with your choice in retaining this agency for your investigative needs. (Some services only require a flat rate payment and agreement).

III. Investigation - The investigation portion is the largest and most time consuming step in the process; and ultimately the entire reason you may have selected to hire our agency. This is where we dive into the facts obtained during the consultation and intake review, reach for different resources in order to gather the information in which you seek, and perform analysis of the facts obtained. The investigation can begin immediately upon agreement and retainer completion; however, dependent upon the nature of the case. During the investigation, the client will be kept informed as to the progress and discovery of any facts that are either for or against the client. All facts are relevant and an informed client is a better decision maker.

IV. Final Case Report Delivery - Upon the completion of the investigation, an analysis of the facts obtained will be compiled into one report for your personal or legal means. The report could include graphs, online photos, field notes, field photos, voice/video recordings, and an in-depth explanation of the facts. This report, in its entirety is confidential and should be protected and maintained as such. Report delivery can be through multiple avenues; paper, cd, or thumbdrive and will be maintained with our office for a minimum of two (2) years.

Questions to ask all agencies before you commit to services

I. Are you licensed to perform investigations within the State of Florida?

II. Do you belong to any associations?

III. How do you maintain/practice fair and ethical decision making or actions?

IV. Can I expect confidentiality to be maintained and how do you ensure this?