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Areas of Practice

Online investigations

This type of investigation can go hand-in-hand with surveillance  or stand alone. Finding the details needed for a case from the vast supply of social media and online accounts can be extensive and time consuming. Most information is available to the public and simply takes time and creative ways to obtain. Other mechanisms not necessarily 'easy' to obtain information will be used to ensure each case utilized the maximum resources for the information requested.

Electronic device detection

If you believe you are being tracked via phone or vehicle by a type of GPS device, there are options to prove and immediately remove this privacy invasion and illegal activity. Many tracking devices are available for purchase online and require little to no effort to set up. However, these devices are not entirely fool proof and can be detected using special state of the art equipment. There are many types of tracking devices, all of which track and archive information in different ways. Some require the vehicle or phone to be in motion to pinpoint your location every few seconds. Others act in real time and determine your location whether mobile or not. 

character profiling

Character profiling is a useful tool for determining the integrity, trustworthiness, personal habits, hobbies, and personality of an individual from online activity and interviews. This information can be extremely useful to potential employers or anyone who seeks to understand the identity of an individual.

fraud investigation

Proving or disproving fraud can be sought through private investigation and extremely useful to business owners, employers or employees alike. Business owners  and employers may seek this option when a complaint or information is received concerning potential fraudulent activity within an employment setting. The same goes for employees; fraudulent activity may be suspected that could be potentially damaging to career or image that may be hard to prove without external investigation and interviews. Fraudulent activity can fall into many categories from medical, internal policy, financials, social media, advertising, workers compensation,and employee benefits. 

domestic surveillance

There are many circumstances in which surveillance may be a good option. From home, work, hobby, sports, bars or anything in between, surveillance can assist in gathering information to prove whereabouts, activities and relationships. This is also a useful tool in determining patterns of behavior for civil actions. 

criminal profile analysis

Obtaining multiple criminal court and prosecution data of the outcome of closed cases, within a given timeframe, for the same county or state, can give advantages for the clients and defense attorneys, for a fair plea and sentencing. Leaving more room for negotiation and providing accurate expectations for the defendant. The information obtained to create this type of report would be from public record entities; court records, police reports. Averaging the outcome of the same charge (homicide, 1st degree felony, etc) and comparing this with the demographics of each defendant can show indications or expectations of an outcome. This can be a useful tool for prosecutors and defense attorneys  for negotiation if a plea deal or sentencing requested seems out of the norm or too harsh  in  comparison with others. 

short term/seasonal rental authenticity

Verify the important details of a rental before you invest hundreds or thousands, especially if you reside outside of the state and do not have any way of viewing or verifying before you book your vacation. See our blog for all the information that can be obtained for you to make a more informed decision.

additional services

Florida Certified Public Notary

Complete Background Check

'Online Safety' Presentation

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